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The implementation of a management system according to a specific standard (e.g., ISO) requires several stages of preparation, such as the identification of strategic and operational processes, data collection and documentation, training and communication activities. A focus on evidence-based reporting and verification justifies that organizations engage independent experts for ensuring impartiality and access to external knowledge and best practices. In the domain of innovation, speed and agile methods are crucial to gain time to market.

Isabel Caetano

Our team supports strategic formulation through competitive mapping tools, analysis of contexts (external and internal) and the definition of processes, procedures and documented information needed to comply with the required standards.

The implementation and progress monitoring of management systems performance in the following areas:
  • Innovation Management System – ISO 56002
  • Environmental Management System – ISO 14001
  • Social Responsibility Management – SA 8000
For the implementation of management systems, the following services can be provided:
  • Assessment exercise
  • Mapping of operational processes (‘as is’) and needs for fulfilling standard requirements/guidelines (‘to be’)
  • Analysis of conformity compliance and Gap analysis
  • Terminology dissemination, alignment and interpretation
  • Design and implementation of processes and procedures
  • Identification, selection and experimentation of tools and methods
  • Production of information and focused and fast reading documents
  • Workshops, Training and Capacity building programmes for management systems implementation